4 stars you didn’t know they had normal jobs before they became famous.

Looking at these celebrities, you actually won’t imagine they had normal jobs before they became famous. We brought to you 4 of nowadays most famous celebrities with what they had done with their lives before they broke into fame.

 1- Lana Del ReyIMG_6765The Glamorous star, known for her vintage Hollywood style, was a babysitter till the rise of her fame in 2012. She babysitted a 10 year old boy when she wasn’t touring.


2- Jennifer AnistonIMG_9027Known since the 90s for her role as Rachel Green, who stole the hearts of each one of us, Jennifer Aniston actually worked as a waitress and a telemarketer before her acting career.

3- Michael FassbenderIMG_9029Recognized by his blue eyes and distinctive roles, German-born actor Michael Fassbender ran a bar before he started his acting career.
4- Gerard ButlerIMG_9028

The Scottish star graduated from Glasgow University in law. He got fired from his first job as a lawyer, and hasn’t practiced law ever since.