Why High Expectations Can Be The Kiss Of Death For Relationships.

Would you believe that the common reason why relationships fail is high expectations? There were numerous studies in the field of relationships—why they fail, why they don’t and how to avoid downfalls. Guess what! One major destructive reason behind all fails of any relationship was high expectations.

Unfortunately, some people confuse high expectations with demanding rights. It’s alright if you want your partner to pay more attention to you; that’s your given right. However, it is insane to want that attention drawn to you to be exactly like some fantasy of yours. And let’s face it, we’ve read too many books and seen many movies, which leveled up our expectations.

“High Expectations is a deadly venom that flows to the heart and wreaks havoc on the relationship.”                                                                                               

Truthfully, this couldn’t have been said any better. High expectations lead to disappointment in relationships, as well as life, career, and everyday routine. For instance, have you asked yourself why your workout plans never worked? Let me answer that for you: you expected too much already.

One lesson to get from all of this, is to balance your expectations with the nature of your partner. Accept that you can’t change who they are. Rather, try a different approach: work as a team. The relationship doesn’t revolve around your needs and expectations; your partner has their own entity too. If you expect them to bring you dinner every night with the same enthusiasm and utmost care, brace yourself for disappointment. Moreover, bitterness will seep into your heart, and gradually, your bond will break. For a change, just go with the flow.

Appreciate what your partner does. They’re trying their best, and doing what you want simply in their own way! So it’s better you try to observe rather than judge. Observe their actions, listen to their words and find the intention in their eyes. Once you see the determination to please you, you’ll realize all along that everything you wanted is right there with you.

So instead of having expectations that won’t be met, you should observe, go with the flow, and be grateful you have someone special willing to give you the world—with their own grasp and application of how.