Glee’ Star Mark Salling Found Dead

Mark Salling, famously known as “Puck” from the American comedy TV series Glee was found dead near his house and Los Angeles Police suggest he may have committed suicide.

Reports claim the 36 year old actor may have taken his own life after pleading guilty for owning child pornography back in 2015, his trial was expected to be next March declaring four to seven years behind bars.

Salling’s crime was found in a huge number of abuse images on his hard drive and his home laptop, Glee star had also entered into a plea agreement to reduce his sentence to seven years maximum and he’d be supervised for 20 years after release.

“I am pleading guilty because I am guilty of the charges and wish to take advantage of the promises set forth in this agreement, and not for any other reason.” Mark Salling confessed in 2015

Mathew Morrison who played the role of Will Schuester in the series posted a picture of both of them alongside Cory Monteith who died in 2013 for overdosing on drugs.


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Our thoughts and prayers go to the family, friends and the beloved actor fans! Rest in Peace Puck 🙁