4 Times Pepsi Ads Immersed Us in Nostalgia


Recently, Pepsi has been known for continuously breaking the internet with its captivating campaigns that never fail to impress. The excellence depicted in these advertisements is mainly due to the abundant emotions such campaigns encompass as they utilize the screens to inspirit the remarkable intervals of our lives. Thus, we shed light on 4 Pepsi ads that took us back in time, immersing us all in nostalgia.

1- Amr Diab’s Me3ady El Nas Campaign

Last summer marked the release of Amr Diab’s 30th album Me3ady El Nas, which was warmly welcomed by the audience as was the case with all his precedent projects. This album, however, was widely marketed by Pepsi, yielding distinguished televised ads that went through the chronicles of the iconic artist, from his very first interview till his current renowned self.

2- Ramadan 2013’s Campaign

Going along Pepsi’s new-at-the-time slogan (يللا نكمل لمتنا) had the marketing team of the bluish company come up with a mind-blowing idea, which was to revive and gather our childhood’s beloved characters as Nelly, Fatoota and 3amo Fouad for Ramadan’s campaign, resulting in a sensational ad that drowned everyone in euphoria.

3- Ramadan 2014’s Campaign

Following the steps of 2013’s campaign, Pepsi’s ads for the blessed month of 2014 imbibed the same emotional vibes as they retrieved the iconic duos of the former eras as Samir Ghanem & Shereen, Ezzat Abu Auf & his sisters and Hamid El Sha3ery & Hisham Abbas in a remarkable meld that overwhelmed the audience with fervent joy the extent of bursting into tears.

4- January 2018’s Campaign

The year of 2018 kicked off with Pepsi’s viral campaign that featured Ahmed Malek, Tara Emad and Mohamed Salam as they navigate five of Egypt’s most remarkable artistic projects that used to shape the trend back in the day. Such ad kept on Pepsi’ habitual excellence when it comes to the marketing aspect that always manages to come up with what’s fresh and new under this time-travelling theme.