Thanks to Youssef Fawzi, Saxophone Now Sounds Better Than Ever!

Credits: @mattmassonweddings

Whether you love to listen to saxophone or not, if you hear Youssef Fawzi playing, then you’re definitely gonna fall in love with it!

Youssef Fawzi is a rising star and an unbelievably talented saxophonist who just happens to possess a passion for it that you cannot deny once you see him play his fingers on the instrument; smoothly and masterfully. And not only this, he is a live event performer, a session musician, and a voiceover artist. The best part is, It’s so good to watch him play and even better is to listen to him playing.
His passion takes you places, and his talent only adds to it. He has his own page that he just created and he uploaded his first saxophone cover of Camila Cabello’s Havana; and Oh na na, it’s definitely something you wanna give time to listen.

Do yourself a favour and check his instagram account here for more videos of the overly ambitious, overly talented, and overly passionate; Youssef Fawzi.

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On a side note: Youssef, please keep showering us with good music. The world needs more of that.