The Facebook Page ‘El-Molhemah’ Specializes in Spreading Positive Vibes

Her page is one of the sweetest things that we do appreciate it’s gone viral. You’d probably have seen at least one of her posts on your news feed on FB, and your smile went up before scrolling down. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sherin Sherif AKA Elmolhemah!

Sherin Sherif is a 19-year old business student, private dancer and life coach. She studied Neuro-linguistic programming(Human Behaviour Studies), Human Developments and recently she’s studying psychology.

“I’ve started my blog on April 26th in 2017, after leaving a NGO which used to spread positivity all over Egypt by doing simple acts of kindness in the streets. I used to manage their social media along with a team, it was a very innovative and creative idea. Unfortunately, it didn’t last due to some organizational issues. So, I thought about creating my own one but with different taste and idea.” said Sherin

When we asked about the motive behind starting her blog, she stated that the main reason has been helping people through their daily life; “I want to support people in their hardest struggles, unexplained abrupt moods or even in their happy, daily moments. Since I don’t possess the superpower to solve and listen to all people’s problems; I thought about reaching out to them throughout words, metaphors and quotes.”

Mentioning the quotes, she wants to spread positive words that have started to diminish and to reinforce the Arabic quotes back again. These quotes she uses in her photos are from books, social media or different websites. “But now since I’ve completed my linguistics studies, I’ll bring some fresh new quotes into existence soon.” added Sherin.

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“I believe in the power of linguistics and I’ve found out that the only way that would let me reach out to people on large scale is to establish a platform that meets their daily thoughts. So Imagine you’re having a bad situation and accidentally you come across a word, sentence or a quote that shifted the way you think or clicked with your current situation. It will stick unconsciously to your subconscious mind, because scientifically when anything bad or good happens, your subconscious mind starts searching and scanning all the information and database and words he has to whether decrease stress and find solutions, or to find a reason behind your happiness.”

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And since most of Sherin’s photos are featuring someone, we were curious to know these people; “they’re my beautiful friends” she told us and she stated that there is only one photo featuring a stranger. She would like to start roaming streets to capture random people she haven’t met before.

Also, Sherin has some future plans like events for acts of kindness and training sessions about psychology. “For now, I’m focusing on Facebook because there’s a lot yet haven’t been done; including videos, campaigns and projects.”