“Why I hate my uncle” An article written by Adolf Hitler’s nephew

In a 1939 edition of Look Magazine, there is a six-page article titled “Why I hate my uncle”, written by William Patrick Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s English-American half nephew.

The copy of the magazine containing the article is offered now by £740 on an online website, while back then it was sold just for 10 cents.

Two pages of the article
Two pages of the article

Here are some excerpts of the article, since the full version of the article is available only in the original copy of the edition:

“Being very close to my father at the time, he (Adolf Hitler) autographed this picture for me. We had cakes and whipped cream, Hitler’s favorite desert. I was struck by his intensity, his feminine gestures. There was dandruff on his coat.”
“When I visited Berlin in 1931, the family was in trouble. Geli Raubal, the daughter of Hitler’s and my father’s sister, had committed suicide. Everyone knew that Hitler and she had long been intimate and that she had been expecting a child – a fact that enraged Hitler. His revolver was found by her body.”
“I published some articles on my uncle when I returned to England and was forthwith summoned back to Berlin and taken with my father and aunt to Hitler’s hotel. He was furious. Pacing up and down, wild-eyed and tearful, he made me promise to retract my articles and threatened to kill himself if anything else were written on his private life.”
“This is Hitler’s new Berchtesgaden home which I first saw in 1936. I drove there with friends and was shown into the garden. Hitler was entertaining some very beautiful women at tea. When he saw us he strode up, slashing a whip as he walked and taking the tops off the flowers. He took that occasion to warn me to never again mention that I was his nephew. Then he returned to his guests still viciously cracking his whip.”
“I shall never forget the last time he sent for me. He was in a brutal temper when I arrived. Walking back and forth, brandishing his horsehide whip, he shouted insults at my head as if he were delivering a political oration.”

William Patrick Hitler served for the US Navy from 1944 to 1947 as a Pharmacist’s Mate. He changed his surname after the war from “Hitler” to “Stuart-Houston”.

Rumors said that no one of his sons had children in order to end the Hitler bloodline, meanwhile, William’s son, Alexander, said that contrary to this belief, there was never a pact to intentionally end the Hitler bloodline.