6 Egyptian Fashion Blogs To Follow On Instagram

Looking for a new outfit for a party, a dress for a wedding, or just new clothes for your wardrobe, then you must have scrolled through Instagram, trying to get new fashion ideas. However, easier said than done, with so many accounts out there it’s hard to choose or keep track of the top fashion blogs, so in order to help you out we rounded up our six favorite Egyptian Fashion Blogs on Instagram to get you inspired. And don’t worry girls we have amazing and special accounts for all the beautiful veiled girls and women who are reading.

1. Salma Abu Deif

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No introduction needed here, Salma Abu Deif a model, as well as an actress, became an overnight media sensation. With her glamorous dresses and exquisite modeling photos, Salma defiantly set the bar for all the models wannabe out there.

2. Gehad Abdalla

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This fashion guru quickly made a name for herself in the media world. Gehad’s style is very unique that it took her to dress multiple famous faces like Yousra, Sherine Reda, Salma AbuDeif, Dorra Zarrouk, Amna ElShandaweely, and God the list is long! Her Instagram account grabbed the account of more than 30K who always await to see the latest fashion trends.

3. Ayshah Kamel– #TheVeiledAK

Ayshah is a Fashion blogger as well as a social media influencer; her beautiful Hijab fashion quickly grasped the attention of all girls on social media. Whether it’s her casual clothes or a breathtaking dresses that looks that it came out of a fairytale, Ayshah showed the entire world that you can shine with your Hijab.
4. Fatma Kamel #FKoutfits

No, don’t worry you’re not seeing double. Fatma is Ayshah’s twin sister, who also made a great name for herself. Even though both girls share the same face and the same beautiful smile, still Fatma with her own style and her own vision was able to express herself through her fashion blog. Both sisters were recently hired by Jumia to be the faces of their latest campaign.
5. Laila Youssef

If you have a passion for fashion then you must have heard of or stumbled into Laila’s account. Laila is an award-winning stylist, who is known for her unique yet breathtaking fashion. Her fashion blog quickly was followed by millions waiting to get a glimpse of her next outfit, and the beauty tips that she offers from such as lip and face scrubs.

6. Marwa Hassan

Marwa is a fashion designer, as well as an entrepreneur as she started her own line at only the age of 22. Having now a million followers, her fashion blog on Instagram has quickly become the destitution for many veiled girls who are looking for amazing ideas for new dresses and clothes. Marwa had several collaboration with both local and international brands such as Ikea, L’Oreal, and Jolly Chic.

Now you’ll never miss a fashion trend again..