Newest iPhone Update Promises Better Battery Health Following Slowdown Controversy

Apple Inc. plans to release a software update that will let users disable a function that slowed down older iPhones to preserve battery life, the company said Wednesday.

The change will come as part of an iOS 11.3 software update, which will be released in the spring for consumers and was released Wednesday as a test for developers. The software update will also let iPhone users access their hospital health records, adds new animated emojis for the iPhone X, and new video features for the Apple Music service and the news-reading app.

Last month, the tech giant confirmed prior speculation that older iPhones include software which slows the phones down if the batteries are becoming worn out.

Apple has since apologised for the decision, saying the company has “never – and would never – do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product,” – a statement not believed by many.

As well as showing battery health, iOS 11.3 also promises to send recommendations to iPhone users should their battery need either servicing or replacing.

iPhone users will also be able to check their device to see if the controversial power management feature is on – and they will also be able to turn it off if they wish to.