The Most Common Texts You Get From Your Family’s WhatsApp Group

You are probably added to a family group which has over 20 members (half of of whom you don’t know) where you receive messages and pictures daily. We have collected the most likely images every family sends on WhatsApp below. Check them out and tell us if you’ve seen any of them before!

  • You wake up to find 5 images which say “saba7 el khair” or “saba7 el noor” or “saba7 el eshta” with a very unrelated background behind.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 5.45.02 PM.pngِِ

  • And of course, every Friday morning! (although we surely don’t mind having a blessed Friday but please, our camera roll is already full!)

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 5.48.37 PM.png

  • When you pass an exam or win a sports match, the group basically turns into a party!

2015_1393599240_784 B5DOyzhCQAAdWNh

  • The only emoji they use when they want to show some love.

Image result for kiss emoji

  • The funny jokes.

Image result for ‫نكت بايخة‬‎

  • Eid Saeid pictures sent after the famous “eid sa3id, ka7k w tanteet, flous bel 3abeet” text.


  • And the very wild birthday celebrations over a weird virtual birthday cake.

We love our families unconditionally. This was a sarcastic overview of what happens when technology came into our families’ lives. Nevertheless, we love them endlessly!