Al Masry Coach Hossam Hassan Suspended and Fined for Making an Offensive Gesture

Al Masry coach and prolific former Egyptian footballer Hossam Hassan is now facing suspension for four games and a 20,000 EGP fine after making a rude hand gesture, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) announced on Sunday.

The EFA took that decision after Saturday’s match between Al Masry and Petrojet that ended in the win of the former with a 2-1 victory in the Egyptian Premier League.

The official match observer Gamal Basheer said he wrote a statement indicating that what Hassan did is “completely offensive” and “unacceptable”. Basheer also mentioned that there are certain punishments applied to these kinds of behaviours.

In his defense, Hassan stated to the media that he was simply “celebrating the victory over Petrojet”.

Hassan also said that he is fully prepared to apologize in a public statement if his actions offended anyone.