Unstable Weather in Egypt Kills One and Injures 45

A twist in weather hit Egypt in the last few days in several governorates all over the country, causing the injury of 45 citizens and the death of a man in Damietta.

The weather caused several traffic accidents among the country. In Cairo, 20 riders underwent a horrific crash in the Regional Road from Helwan to Ein El-Sokhna leaving all 20 injured.

The bad weather has also reached Damietta that didn’t just receive heavy rain that led to suspending all fishing activities, but has also witnessed collapses of some old houses compelled the death of a passerby who was heading home when some parts of a roof fell on him ending his life.

ElMinya and Assiut have also seen accidents as microbus crashing incidents occurred in both cities leaving 14 injured in El Minya and other 11 in critical conditions

The mist went all the way to Luxor forcing the cancellation of hot air ballon activities. It’s worth mentioning that early in January a South African tourist was tragically killed in one of the flights caused by a ‘landing too forcefully’

Our thoughts and prayers to all those who were injured and may God bless and protect us all!