10 Unique Egyptian Artists That You Need To Check Out

There are so many Egyptian talents out there in different fields, and when it comes to art, a hundred books won’t be enough to mention all these talents!
We have gathered 10 artists for you to check out.


1. Doaa Moaz:

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Doaa is a 24-year-old artist, she graduated from the faculty of fine arts painting department, Helwan university. She’s started a Youtube channel in 2015 where she uploads pencil and watercolor tutorials.

2. Reham Abed:

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Her page known as “Reham’s Sketchbook”  is another world of watercolor sketches! Reham is from Alexandria and you can’t help but fall in love with her sketches of Alexandrian landmarks and features.

3. Mariam Deif:

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Mariam is a 19-year-old student, she has a unique style which is obvious in her sketches. Roaming her Instagram account is more like flipping pages of an artsy journal.

4. Hend Shehata:

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Hend is an illustrator, most of her designs are of plants and animals motifs. She has her designs printed on fabrics (scarfs, make-up bags, cushions,etc.) and hand-printed on porcelain plates.

5. Salma Nader:

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Salma is a 20-year-old art student. She designs characters and uses ink most of the time. Her characters have special features and are so fashionable!

6. Alaa Ashraf:

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Alaa is an aspiring artist, she’s started her Instagram profile a while ago. Her sketches are in ink and she’s into portraits the most.

7. Marwan Sabra:

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Marwan is a visual artist who has proved himself as a painter, photographer and sculptor. He has participated in many exhibitions and each artwork of his speaks a thousand words.

8. Ganna Talaat:

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Ganna is an 18-year-old self-taught artist. She’s into several materials but her pencil studies are superb, specially pencil portraits.

9. Mariam Hany:

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Mariam is an illustrator and character designer. Her sketches are full of life that you feel the movement in there, but what you’ll admire the most is her digital paintings!

10. Sameh Arafa:

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Sameh is an artist who is notable for his caricature and digital painting. He also organises online courses and workshops in Cairo and Alexandria to teach people painting, caricature, portrait and more.