5 Curly-Haired Lady Bosses That Are Absolutely Beautiful

I bet every girl with a bit unmanageable hair has gone through the same phases; she’d cry while her mother literally teared her hair trying to tame it, then she’ll first meet the first hair straightener and it will feel like magic, but that’s the beginning of a highway to hell! You’ll have to visit your hairdresser all the time before going anywhere. Hairdressers will literally experiment on you every new “treatment” that does nothing but damage your already heat-damaged hair, and when you decide to stop, you’ll have no clue what to do next. Well, lucky for you, wearing your hair naturally is the new trend. Women now moved from self-torture to self-love and started looking for methods to fix the mess we’ve been making all our lives. Because some people still fear going natural, we decided to show you 5 powerful and inspirational ladies who rock their beautiful curls.

  • Daliah Galal


Daliah Galal is a powerful lady who’s always been passionate about the media industry. Galal worked in multiple magazines, production houses and agencies before she finally started her own PR & Media company, The Carousel World. Working in such a busy industry where you have to work like a beast in the morning and prepare to attend the biggest star-studded events in town at nigh, Daliah definitely managed to rock every single one of them with her beautiful locks!

  • Sherine Hamdy
Photo credits: @willy_vision
Photo credits: @willy_vision

The famous Assal Abyad TV presenter is not shy to show her golden curls on screen. Sherine Hamdy who went from having an online show to having a TV show on TEN channel also attends different events and her curls stand out every time she decides to wear them. Hamdy told CurlyTalks that like every one of us, she hated her hair as a child and it took her years to come to this phase of self-love and acceptance.

  • Amna ElShandaweely
Photo credits: @couclarefaat From the campaign #TheGreekIsHere by @TheCarouselWorld
Photo credits: @couclarefaat
From the campaign #TheGreekIsHere by @TheCarouselWorld

This young fashion designer dresses the best and brightest stars in the Middle East. Amna ElShandaweely is a free spirit and an enthusiast curly-haired lady boss. Her designs reflect her personality; someone who is not afraid of being different and trying out new things all the time. The fashion guru who’s also a great photographer and a travel fanatic proudly wears her perfectly coiled beautiful hair all the time. If that doesn’t scream beautiful, we don’t know what does.

  • Norshek
Photo Credits: @taimouro
Photo Credits: @taimouro

Co-founder of The Wellness Log, Norshek, didn’t have a very good relationship with her curls at first -just like everybody else, duh!- This beautiful curly-haired fitness guru shared her curly hair story with CurlyTalks as well; with all the ups, the downs, the messy and non-understandable hair phases, Norshek managed to pass them all and wear those beautiful golden locks proudly. Well, if Norshek could do it, so can you!

  • Myriam Fares


We couldn’t just end the article without mentioning the beauty queen and curly-haired Arab icon, Myriam Fares. This Lebanese singer has always rocked her curly hair way before it was even a trend. Chapeau, Myriam, chapeau.

So yes ladies, you can totally and proudly wear those beautiful locks you’ve been given in public. You just need to do a little research to understand your hair type and its requirements, and even that is not very hard thanks to people like Dina Ghalwash from @CurlyTalks.