King Farouk’s Stolen Bedroom Suite Was Being Sold Online Back In 2016

A video of King Farouk’s bedroom suite being sold online was uploaded by the King’s official page on Facebook. The disturbing video went viral in no time as the room was of very high value.

King Farouk’s bedroom suite was stolen back in 2013 from his palace at the Giza zoo. That was revealed after Egypt’s Giza Zoo, Former Minister of Agriculture and Land ReclamationAhmed Abu Hadid, discovered that the king’s suite was stolen and replaced by a cheap replica from Omar Effendi department store.

It was later displayed for sale on M.S. Rau Antiques, an American website specialized in selling different types of antiques, jewelry, fine arts and more. The American website displayed the room for sale back in 2016, created a video promotion of it, and ended up selling the king’s bedroom suite for USD 985,000.
The stolen suite belonged to the 19th century. It was crafted by one of the best Parisian Ébénistes, Antoine Krieger. The room was made of mahogany and mercury-gilded bronze.
It’s disturbing seeing a piece of the Egyptian history being stolen and sold like that..