The Food Blogger Behind Dasfoodie, Hana El-Ziki, Reveals The Best Restaurant for Almost Everything

We understand the importance of food. Good food means good mood which leads to more productivity, better social life, higher success levels and basically happiness. It all starts with the magical four letters, F O O D. That’s why we chatted with Hana El-Ziki, the face behind the Instagram blog Dasfoodie. She told us all about her food passion, her favorite restaurants and the secret behind taking the perfect Instagram picture and much more.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Hana a 21 years old Business student, I started my food blog almost a year and a half ago. It all started with a competition for Mori Sushi were you had to post the maximum number of pictures to get a year of free sushi. This made me want to share my food experience with people and tell them about the new restaurants I try out.

Do you cook or do you only enjoy eating?
I am not a master-chef but I cook specific things, and I have my special recipes for pasta and sauces.

Why did you choose Instagram as your platform?
Because Instagram is the social website that our generation use the most, Facebook is old news and its mostly checked by older people, but my target audience were people our age and news travel faster through Instagram and its more practical.

Tell us the secret of taking the perfect food picture.
Basically, it’s all about the lighting and the surrounding of the plate, you need to make sure there isn’t any tissue around the plate and that it looks nice and delicious.

What is you favorite sushi/pizza/burger/pasta/dessert place?
Sushi: of course Mori Sushi.
Pizza: Vinny’s Pizzeria.
Burger: for chicken burger its Chicken Fil-A and for beef burger its Mince Burger and Willy’s kitchen.
Pasta: Tuscany they serve very big portions and also The White Owl.
Dessert: dipndip, Brew & Chew, and Crave‘s molten cake.

Which restaurant would you recommend for a first date?
La Trattoria
Eat & Barrel

What are the top 5 must-go-to restaurants in Cairo? 
1. Eish W Gebna – عيش و جبنة
It’s a new restaurant in G-Out Mall, its really good! They do everything you can imagine and they have some special stuff as well.
2. Gringo’s Burrito Grill, a Mexican in Point 90 mall.
3. Buffalo Wings & Rings, the first sports bar in Egypt. Located in City Stars mall.
4. Sugar Rush, they serve the best soft ice-cream and they are located in Cairo Festival City mall.
5. Chicken Fil-A in Emerald Empire

What is food to you? 
Food is LIFE! It might sound cliché but most people eat to live; I live to eat.
If it’s good quality food, served in good quantities with good prices then it’s something that will make you really happy. I enjoy eating, and food doesn’t have to be unhealthy you can eat something that’s really good and tasty; good food can be healthy.