Ahmed Fahmi is Under Fire After His Women-hating Comments

Actor, singer and former Wama band member, Ahmed Fahmi, hit the wrong nerve during his latest interview on Ana w Ana TV show with Samar Yousry.

The multitalented Egyptian celebrity revealed his Si El-Sayed side after his wife opened up about his opinions concerning her career and life in general. Fahmi’s wife said that his main concern when they first met was that she stops singing because he believed that this field was “not really nice.”

The singer’s wife went on saying that he stopped her from having male friends and controlled the way she dressed. She later justified his actions saying that this is all out of jealousy.


Shortly after that episode was aired, social media went on fire. It was divided among supporters and opposers of Fahmi’s ideology.

Fahmi later explained himself saying that he can’t live with the idea that his wife can have fans. He went on saying that a man should put limits to women and that they shouldn’t just be left like that.

In his defence, Fahmi took it to Facebook to reply to all the haters.




Yes, we believe that this is all related to Fahmi and his wife. The topic is very personal and as long as she’s fine, it shouldn’t be anyone’s concern. But when you go on and share your personal relationship details with the public, well the public is gonna react and it doesn’t have to be in your favor.

The past couple of months, we witnessed a spectacular move when it came to women rights all over the globe. Women have been empowering women, giving them the voice they need to stand up and speak when it comes to their rights. Women have been so eager to prove that they’re just as good as men when it comes to each and every thing. Well, Ahmed Fahmi’s comments provoked every person who slightly believes in gender equality and women rights.