ACA arrests Menoufia Governor over corruption charges

The Administrative Control Authority (ACA) arrested Menoufia Governor Hisham Abdel Basset and two businessmen over charges of corruption and graft on Sunday.

The arrest came hours before President El Sisi’s visit to Menoufia to inaugurate projects in Sadat City.

Sources within the governor office told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the investigations proves the Gevorner’s involvement in the allocation of a land plot for two businessmen illegally. Telephone calls were monitored between them after being granted permission from the prosecution.

After recording calls between the suspects and video interviews as well, a permission was obtained from the Supreme State Security Prosecution to arrest the suspects.

The sources added that the arrest was made during the delivery of a bribe and the suspects were referred to the prosecution to complete the investigations.

Chinese newswire Xinhua says that the aarest comes as a part of a recent and widespread anti-corruption campaign waged by the state ahead of the 2018 elections.