5 Things We Wish our Parents Would Stop Repeating

We have all been through the phase where all our parents do is repeat the same thing; even if it’s a task and we have finished it, still they have to repeat the words once more 
1. Will I keep doing everything on my own?

mrs hudson

No matter how many times you go and help your mum with the households, she will never stop saying “Ma7adesh beysa3d fil beit da?” Even straight after you have done your chores, boom, rises that sentence again.
2. When I was your age…


Our parents just can’t grasp the idea that we live in a different generation with different mindsets and circumstances. If I prefer sports to music, then I shouldn’t be reminded everytime by the story that you almost sang by Frank Sinatra. And the fact that I don’t want a Neesh doesn’t make me a disappointment, mom. I’m sure you two are great, but I don’t have to do things the same way..
3. Indomie is cancerous:

How many people have been eating this and yet there hasn’t been any proven research that it does so. Even if it does, have you looked at everything surrounding us that does actually contribute to cancer? The air we breathe has a contribution to cancer. Just let it go, mum.
4. Clean your room:

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It has been said to be my room, no one stays in it but me, so maybe I like it that way. And the worst thing is if mum comes in fe youm 3ezouma asking you to clean it, umm, are they dinning in my room or what?
5. I wish to see you a doctor:

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Why do I have to be a doctor? I can be as successful in any other career. Some parents even forget the fact that their child is studying a different major and they say the magic words of “Yarab tetla3 doctor ad el donia” anyhow.
Through all of that, we can’t live without them nor without those phrases. Even though we are tired of hearing them but they somehow bring joy to us.