International Multimedia Art Exhibition ‘Living Units’ to Open in Cairo

For the second year, Living Units, a touring international multimedia art exhibition, will open on January 17 at El-Gezira Art Center in downtown Cairo.

Per their Facebook page, Living Units is an international touring art exhibition and a trans-cultural project aiming at raising the sheer value of humanity against racism, fear of the other, common stereotypes and prejudices in general. Living Units is a series of art projects that began in 2016. This year’s theme is Recessive Genes.

The project will showcase the art of 11 different artists from different parts of the world. These artists are Osama Abdel Moneim, Alshaimaa Darwish, Abdelsalam Salem, Mhanny Yaoud, and Heba Khalifa from Egypt, Aurora Avantaggiato from Italy, Ipek Denizli from Cyprus, Abdelaziz Lourhaz from Morocco, Michael Heindi from Austria, and Iulia Morcov from Romania. Alas, remains one artist to be mentioned, who is Lina Osama, the curator of this exhibition who will participate by showing her artwork, too.

Living Units is essentially held in a collaboration between Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Cairo, The Serbian Embassy and Go Art Projects Gallery in Romania, among other art organizations.

This year’s exhibition starts from the 17th of January and ends on the 31st. Click here for the Facebook event.