Cairo International Book Fair Opens Its Doors This Year with over 800 Publishers

The 49th annual International Book Fair returns to Cairo for weeks of great bargains and interesting finds for an entire month. All this at the Cairo Fair Grounds in Nasr City.

27 countries, including 17 Arab countries and 10 foreign countries, with 848 publishers—178 more publishers than last year, will participate in the 49th Cairo International Book Fair, which will run from January 27 to February 10.

The Person of the Year for the Book Fair of 2018 is Abdel-Rahman El-Sharkawy. “The late veteran writer Abdel Rahaman El-Sharkawy was chosen to be the person of the year because he participated in the renewal of religious discourse in addition to being a renowned theatrical writer,” recounted Haitham El-Hag, head of the Egyptian General Authority for Books.

It’s been also announced that this year’s guest of honour is Algeria.

In addition, this year’s theme is “Soft Power: How?” For why this particular theme has been chosen, El-Hag stated that “culture is soft power; Egyptians need to communicate with the world, and culture is the way for Egypt to retain its position of leadership in the world.”

El-Hag previously announced that the figures for publishing houses’ participation in the Cairo International Book Fair for this year increased significantly compared to last year. “The increase in publishing houses’ participation in the 49th edition is 120 percent in comparison to last year,” El-Hag added.

The 49th edition will host a lot of new activities for the first time, such as establishing theaters, cinema halls and fine arts halls, in addition to increasing the number of books dedicated to children. The specific programme of the fair is yet to be announced.