Unusual Types of Yoga That You Never Thought Existed

Probably everybody knows by now how important Yoga is, some people even go all the way to India to learn about its origins. The problem is that some people lose interest quickly, which is why those unusual types of yoga classes exist and believe us, these are so much fun.



The doga or dog yoga combines meditation and stretching for both humans and their best friend.Although it might seem difficult to get the dogs to listen but it’s believed that this type of yoga improves heart health and digestion in dogs and stress reduction in humans.



Another type of yoga that includes animals and this time it’s the horse. The horse yoga is believed to improve the bonding between humans and their horse where the horse’s movement challenges its partner to focus and maintain his balance.

Laughter Yoga


“Laughing for no reason” is the slogan of this type of yoga which is known for being a very simple technique that aims to let your body know that it can and knows how to laugh regardless of what your mind has to say.Because it follows a body-mind approach to laughter, participants don’t need to have a sense of humor or even be happy.

Tantrum Yoga


While there’s a laughter yoga there’s a screaming yoga that encourages yogis to scream their way so that they can release their stress through screaming and yelling.

Stiletto Yoga


Here’s a type of yoga for all the females out there, that can make walking in heels much less painful.This can be achieved by using small half-ball props called Foot Wakers to massage and exercise the feet.

Karaoke Yoga


Here’s a fun and joyful yoga class that will let your inner rock star come to life.This type of yoga might seem to be a dance party more than a traditional yoga class as it includes a screen for song lyrics and a DJ to help set the mood.Karaoke Yoga invites participants to sing, dance and laugh together.

Harry Potter Yoga


Yes, the sold-out Harry Potter yoga classes are actual thing where every yogi is given a wand to increase their magical yoga and take part in poses like Slytherin cobra poses, Downward Fluffy and Reverse Wizards. It’s exciting to see the ways people are incorporating fandoms into their healthy lifestyle.