This New Pepsi Campaign and Time Traveling are Practically the Same

Pepsi just dropped a new ad to celebrate marking its 70th year here in Egypt. The campaign which is called #٧٠_سنة_لاڤلي features young stars Ahmed Malek, Tara Emad and the always hilarious Mohamed Salam.

Going all the way from the black and white era to the Mahraganat era, Pepsi managed to create a killer audio that goes perfectly with the choreography that take you to different times in no time.

The synergy between Malek and Salam is so uncanny, we’re talking about an actual bromance here. And am I the only one who got the WAMA resemblance here?

pepsiThe transition among different times was just too smooth and the end result is something I would personally enjoy watching over and over again.

I mean, that definitely doesn’t look like it was shot in 2018!

giphy (46)

Or that..

giphy (48)

The best part is that people are already considering collecting vintage Pepsi cans. We smell the next Instagram trend.

giphy (49)

Well, we believe that this is a powerful beginning in the advertisement world for 2018 and we can’t wait to see what other companies are gonna do next.