Estabena Band to Perform Their First Concert This Year in Downtown Cairo

Mark your calendars because Estabena band will be performing at Cairo’s Room Art Space on this Friday, January 12.

Per their Facebook page, Estabena was formed by artists from different Mediterranean cultures and nationalities. They perform a blend of songs from Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon and Syria.

The band members are Luisa Russo and Emad Fathy as the lead vocalists, Mahmoud Mohamed on the violin, George Emad on the percussions, Mohamed Samy Negm on the oud, and Muhammad ‘Moro’ Abdel-Monem as the guitarist.

It is also worth noting that the band’s name is an Arabic adaptation of an Italian word that means “we agree.”

The venue, Room’s Art Space is one of the most popular art spaces in downtown Cairo and hosts several concerts and other forms of art illustrations throughout the whole year.

For more info on the timing and booking, check the event here.