You Need To Leave Everything And Start Watching ‘Romanceya Manseya’

Everything nowadays is digitized. Even shows, they moved from TV to social media platforms, and well, that’s something we totally love. The transition from TV to social media gave space to some spectacular ideas to show up, like this one you’re here to read about, Romanceya Manseya.

The show hosted by two comedians, Yaya and Safi, who compete to make a girl laugh is the shortest way to a girl’s heart is through making her laugh. Produced by Peace Cake, Romanceya Manseya aims to take us back in time when words were nicer in the funniest way possible.

Both Yaya and Safi totally exert a lot of effort to come up with those nerdy jokes about a girl’s interests. However, the best part about this show is that if you’re a woman, you’ll most probably find yourself within one or more of the featured ladies. Their interests are just so relatable that you end up laughing way harder because that woman is basically you.

Romanceya Manseya is clearly one of the best things that happened to the internet in so long. If you haven’t watched the past episodes of the show, prepare some snacks and just go ahead right now, you’re missing out on A LOT!

One word before we go; Eih ya Safi da?