Egyptian Actress Yousra Denies Claims From New York Times And Decides To Sue Them

Famous actress and singer Yousra announced that she plans to file an official complaint via the State Information Service against The New York Times’ Cairo bureau. The announcement came after Yousra’s name as well as multiple figures came in a report titled “Tapes Reveal Egyptian Leaders’ Tacit Acceptance of Jerusalem Move.” 

Time’s correspondent David D. Kirkpatrick claims that a number of public figures, including Yousra, received calls from Egyptian intelligence officer Ashraf Al-Khouly where he instructed them to “persuade viewers to accept Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

The report was faced by an outrage of talk show hosts and public figures who were mentioned in it. The president of Egypt’s Actors’ Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, announced that they support Yousra’s decision to sue those who play against Egypt.

However, New York Times claims that they have audio recordings of telephone calls that proves their accusations to be true.

Well, this is definitely not the end of this story. We’re just to curious to find out what will be revealed next.