12 Things That Can Help You Understand What Goes Through a Girl’s Mind

A girl’s mind might be a mysterious place that’s hard to understand sometimes.
Well, most of the times actually.
So, Guys, you truly need to know this for your own good.

1- A girl knows when a guy is trying to be all flirty and nice, so you might as well do it right or just expect that there’s no chance. Nope, not at all. Don’t be too nervous, that’s a major turn off. And don’t be too flirty either, it’s totally out of line and it will get you nowhere. Balance is the key, girls like a guy with a sense of humor and a gentleman who knows how to deal with a woman.

2- When it comes to pickup lines, enough with the cheesiness and the old-fashioned lines. A girl likes a guy who’s confident in his manners and who’s spontaneous at the same time. A guy who doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not just to impress her.

3- FYI, girls find it attractive when a guy expresses his emotions. It is brave and mature when a guy takes the first step, not stupid. But those who are too afraid to admit it, well, blame no one but yourself. Trust me, It doesn’t make you any less of a man when you confess your feelings to a girl.

4- Enough with the “l’ll-do-anything-to-impress-you phase.” We all know it will not last. We need a connection, something to build our emotions on. Something to hold on to and a proof that this is something real, something that is actually going to last.

5- Girls HATE IT when a guy suddenly disappears without any reason or explanation. It makes a lasting impression of how immature, coward, and inconsiderate you proved to be. Be a man and face the situation.

6- We can read what’s in your eyes, so cut it off and don’t bother lying or hiding anything, we sense this shit.

7- Girls LOVE it when a guy is different. Different in the way he dresses, in the way he talks, in the way he behaves. It’s definitely a turn-on when a guy is not a mere clone, but a unique character of his own. One who’s interesting and mature. And I tremendously stress on MATURE.

8- If you have a fear of commitment, then do us a favour and don’t step into a thing you’re not ready for. Either have the guts to actually be in a mature relationship or you don’t. It’s not a game for you to play till you get bored and find yourself a new one. Period.

9- Want to call things off? definitely not over a text or a call. This is irrespective and irresponsible and it shows what a wimp you are. Respect the girl you’re with and give it time to talk it out together.

10- I cannot stress this enough, you guys need to put in consideration the way you dress and learn more on how to be gentlemen, these two things give a VERY good impression, and a lasting one. It’s not okay to just wear anything. NOT OKAY. We focus on EVERYTHING. Yup, specially the small things.

11- And once and for all, be her number one supporter, her confidant, understand the world that lies within her soul, try mending the hurt that has consumed her for so long. To her, you are her sanctuary, a place she calls home. For you, she shouldn’t be any less than that and she needs to know it.

12- Remember, Actions speak louder than words. Do more, talk less.