How It’s Like To Live With A Cat

If you told me two years ago that I would be living with a cat, I wouldn’t have believed you. I used to hate cats, genuinely hate them. My hatred was a mixture of “cats think they’re superior ughh” and “cats cannot love”. I was, and will always be, a dog lover. My obsession with dogs was huge… Until one day I felt like “wow I should really adopt a cat”.

I never knew why this feeling came to me all of a sudden, but I felt the urge to have a ball of furry sass staring at me with disgust. It’s a weird feeling, but it was one.

During my first week with my cat, Odin, I felt like he was just like the image of hateful cats I had in mind. It all changed that one night. I was sleeping in my bed, and I usually sleep having a pillow underneath my arm and resting my head upon it, then I opened up eyes and saw Odin sleeping next to me. I couldn’t believe it but he laid his head on the pillow, and reached his little arm and hugged me. It was then that I felt the love of this cat. I realised that during his first week he felt like a stranger in the house and couldn’t adapt. Now he was feeling home. I cried that night, because I never thought that a cat could make me feel warm like I felt that night.

Over the course of the following months, it appeared to me that cats, especially male cats, were actually misunderstood. Even though they fill your house with their fur during shedding season, meow their lungs out when their bowl is half full, and shove their face into your sandwich amidst eating it, cats are really something. They’re loving.

When you’re sitting alone, they’ll offer to join your company. After a few pats, they’ll purr and then you’ll feel that suddenly the universe just stopped, and it’s only you and your cat. You’ll feel that everything became so quiet.. So calming. So loving.

Even though your cat will definitely watch upon you while you clear his litterbox, he’ll watch you scope out his poop with a look of “Yes hooman, scope my shit you peasant”. But your cat will never stand aside while you’re having a mental breakdown, your cat will calm your inner storm until you feel like it’s a beautiful calm spring day. And when you head to sleep, your cat will follow you and crash onto your bed. Maybe he’ll demand few pats until you’re both comfortable in bed. Then your cat will start licking itself, and that will keep you up for about an hour until it’s finished. But on the bright side, a cat will hug you with warmth while you both fall asleep calmly.

Yes, cats can be loud as hell, hyped up at 3 am with lots of energy, but they’re never arseholes. There are never two cats alike, so you mustn’t believe rumors that surround cats. They may be God’s perfect killing machines, but they’re definitely also a blessing. They’re very smart creatures as well, so perhaps you might find your cat understanding of you.

I’d like to think that rumors of cats being hateful were just spread by dogs to have the love of humans. But honestly, if you want someone who enjoys your company and gives you warmth and love conditionally, you should get a cat.


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