Telecom Egypt Announced That The Internet Problem Is Fixed, But That’s Not Everything

It’s been over a week and mostly every Egyptian citizen with various internet service providers, were finding struggles during web searching and the majority of complaints revealed well that the issue wasn’t a “turn off your router and switch it back on in 10 minutes” kind of problem.

According to Egypt Today, there was an actual problem that Telecom Egypt had pointed out after receiving continuous complaints from users concerning internet disruptions.

The Egyptian Internet service-provider claimed that the internet outage was due to a disruption of one of the submarine communications cables named Sea-Me-We 3.

However, Telecom Egypt has announced in a press release yesterday, 2nd of January, that they have fully recovered the service.

Meanwhile, looks like Egypt is not the only country facing disruptions and signal interruptions as Emirates’ Etisalat and Du have announced that unlicensed Voice Over Internet Protocol apps such as Skype and Facetime will be banned to deliver in the country. However, both companies provided a list of alternatives for their citizens.

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