Here Are Our 3 Favorite 2017 Roundup Songs

The crazy year is finally over. Multiple public figures took it upon themselves to take us on a trip down the memory lane to remind us of all the good, bad and weird moments of 2017. Among everyone who did so, we had to pick our three favorites, and the list goes as follows;

  1. Abla Fahita

Abla Fahita is known for her hilarious songs. To summarize 2017, El Abla used the tunes of the Dive Samira Saeed and mixed them with her own lyrics to give us one of the funniest 2017 roundup songs!

2. Alaa El-Sheikh

Former engineer and current marketer, Alaa El Sheikh, AKA the mastermind behind El Mowaten El Masry and Om Esraa used the biggest trend of 2017 to summarize 2017 in the long-awaited duet between El Mowatena and Om Esraa. Chapeau Alaa, that’s a brilliant move.

3. Bakri Khaled Kabakibi

The Syrian comedian we all love, Bakri Khaled, proved that he has more to offer than just acting and throwing jokes in front of the camera. Khalsana Be Endehasha is a Freska ad which wraps up 2017 in a song that was sung and performed by Kabakibi and we just love the outcome!

Was your favorite 2017 roundup on the list? Tell us in the comments section below.