18 Things That You Need To Start Doing This 2018

2017 is over, with all its heartaches and troubles, it’s all gone. Now that 2018 has begun, we thought we should all do things right this time. We don’t want to miss a day of this new chance we’re given, and here’s how you can do it!

  1. Start hitting the gym more often

Get that body you’ve been wanting for so long! Once you start working out, you’ll see that that’s the thing you’ve been missing the whole time. Your mood will be lifted, you’ll have a better body shape which will result in more confidence, your brain works ten times better, and your sleeping schedule will be fixed. All you need is to hit the gym.

2. Start drinking enough water

Your body loves water; you’ll see the results of drinking enough water on your skin, hair, muscles, brain,…,etc. Just hydrate.

3. Start caring more for yourself

There’s a limit to everything, even to caring for others. Sometimes you hurt yourself in the process of helping them, and you end up with nothing but heartache and pain. You shouldn’t do so, you’re not meant to save the world, save yourself and just be nice and helpful to those who deserve it.

4. Start looking for a job that you actually like

You wouldn’t want to spend the next years of your life stuck in a job that you ultimately loath. Look for your passion, find a job you like, take a calculated risk and leave that place you’re trapped in.

5. Start accepting only what you deserve

You deserve more than a ‘lover’ that treats you wrong, a ‘friend’ that was never there for you, and a ‘life’ where you don’t really live. Begin this year letting go of all the things that weigh you down, they’re taking the space that’s meant for the things you actually deserve.

6. Start relying on yourself to be happy

Happiness is a state of mind which cames from you rather from the people surrounding you. You shouldn’t expect people around you to do that for you, you should be capable of doing it yourself; lifting yourself up and getting back where you belong.

8. Start saying no to things you don’t like

You don’t have to go to that outing you don’t like. You don’t have to pick up that phone call that leaves you depressed every time. Start saying no to the things you don’t really like.

9. Start accepting your flaws

Imperfection is actually beautiful. Your flaws and scars are part of you and your story, learn to accept them, show them to everyone proudly, and start believing that without those imperfections you would never be you.

10. Start appreciating the small things

Start appreciating the small things and gestures, that night walk by the Nile or the sea, the chocolate bar that a friend got you, the morning text that shows that you’re the first thing that came to their mind in the morning, and every little thing that had a great meaning. The big picture is made up of tiny details.

11. Start unplugging every once in a while

Life is fast paced and noisy, Social Media is full of news, scandals and more. With all of that going on, you need to unplug and have more ‘you’ time. Throw your phone away and read a book or go on a roadtrip, find the thing that will make you relaxed and do it.

12. Start exploring new music

I have this belief that there’s always a song or a piece of music for every mood. Something out there will hit the right nerve, and it will feel great when you find it. Start exploring new music and have various playlists for your different mood swings, it’s always fun to find out new bands/songs!

13. Start getting out of your comfort zone

Again with the exploration, but this time I need you to start exploring yourself. Your wildest thoughts and desires that make you who you are. Don’t sit on the couch and wait for life to happen.

14. Start doing instead of saying

Nobody ever accomplished anything by saying. Take the first step today and start actually doing this 2018 and you’ll be surprised by what you’ve done by the end of the year.

15. Start planning your future

Because the future is not so far. Have a clear vision of what you like and what you dislike. Set your goals, priorities and alternatives; start planning your future because nobody would want to end up lost with no goal.

16. Start letting go of your fears

Your fear of love, taking risks, commitment, failure, heartbreak, loneliness, disappointment and whatever else that you’re afraid of do nothing but drag you down and stop you from living life to the fullest. Let go and enjoy life.

17. Start pursuing your dreams

No matter how silly they may seem to others and how big they may seem to you, if you start today who knows what’s gonna happen in the next 12 months!

18. Start being happy

Simply because you deserve to be happy. Don’t overthink and just be happy.