The Best Apps To Edit Photos

Do you ever take a picture but when you look back at it you think “if only the lighting was good” or “if only this person wasn’t in the background”? I am sure this has happened to everyone at least once. Thankfully, though, there are apps made specifically to edit our photos. You click on what you want from the options available to improve any defects you don’t like.

  1. VSCO 

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This app is very easy to use and allows you to alter the color of the photos by clicking on the buttons below your picture of choice. You can have anything from a cinematic look to bright punchy colors.

2. PicsArt

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This app can be installed on your computer or phone. Like VSCO, you can add different filters to your pictures, change the brightness, contrast etc. PicsArt also allows you to add stickers to your photos and change the background.

3. Photo Grid

Image result for photogrid app collageThis app has so many options. But it’s widely known for being a ‘collage maker’ allowing you to put together several photos in one photo with various layout and spacing options. You can now upload all these pictures from your holiday in just one photo!

4. FaceTune

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FaceTune was designed to help you improve selfies and portraits. It can be used to widen smiles and brighten teeth. It can also be used to remove pimples and blemishes and brighten dark circles under the eyes and so much more!