6 Traditions Egyptian Mothers can never let go of

Set ElHabayeb, just like how we cherish her in our hearts, there are some house traditions (reportedly pharaonic ones) mothers keep in our household and can never let go of. Some methods they use under the name of “ElGeish 2alak etsaraf” and it’s surprisingly common in most of our homes.

1. Adding water to Shampoos


For a mother, there is no such thing as ‘We’re out of Shampoos, Shower gels or hand wash’. Until the bottle is absolutely blank clearing off all the remaining spots of soap, just then we might actually get a new one! It’s much easier to add some water which may actually dilute the active ingredients, making them less effective, but that’s all scientific stuff Mothers never focus on.

2. Spaghetti Bolognese with Panne 


When it’s a day and night mix up and it’s 3 pm with your mother still in bed. All that’s effortless and most of the time available is Spaghetti sided with Panne. Just Perfect for the mothers to cook viewing the meal as the one all kids love, offering less dirty dishes in the sink and makes everyone happy.

3. Ice cream?! Nope… It’s frozen garlic


The usual shock of opening an ice cream jar and finding some frozen garlic or onions inside, seriously eewh? What a devastating moment there. Ok we all understand that we should keep such containment for storage but why keep the tag mom?

4. But you love Sabanekh?


“I swear to God and all his prophets… I do not like Sabanekh.” The possible response a mother get every time she cooks spinach. If you were ever told that Popeye is the strongest man on the planet from eating spinach every day, raise your hand please..

5. Your cousin is always better


Not all mothers go with the ‘ebn khaltak’ theory but a quite number agree on the fact that someone is always better, believing this act gives you a push up and not settle. But does it actually work or it’s only a joke?

6. No one helps


With all due respect, but no better drama than your mama. Mothers should take international awards for what they do for us, and unfortunately whatever we do to repay is always not enough! We offer help one time they say thank you but moments later or at the end of a fight that had risen from nowhere.. “Mahadsh beysa3edny” scenario explodes.

Whatever they do, mothers will always be our backbone. She’s the puzzle piece left that completes every set and the most essential connection that holds all parts together. Every mother will always be the best and we’re all fully accepting whatever unconventional stuff you do mama!