5 Egyptian Photography Projects That Went Viral In 2017

No doubt 2017 has been a year full of art, from the increment of art galleries and exhibitions to art festivals’ launches. We’ve witnessed the birth of new artists and the glow of professional musicians. We’ve imagined a magical world created by talented writers, and we’ve entered them by creative photographers. We’ve gathered for you five out of so many successful photography projects that went viral in 2017!

  1. Project No Color / O Art-Studio:


Founders of O Art-Studio, Henar Sherif and Adel Essam amazed us with their Project No Color photography project. Their main idea was to wipe away beauty standards that our society had put, and to spread the awareness of side effects of hurtful words through the hashtag #Project_no_color ;where each girl had participated in the photoshoot shared her story, and many others had the chance to do so.

You can check the project here.

2. Words Tell Stories / Noha Badawi:


Noha Badawi– a blogger, bookstagrammer and a photographer, started a writing/photography project called Words Tell Stories. She met different bookworms and photographed them with their favorite books, then each one was able to tell their story and how books were a part of it, all along with their favorite quotes and lines. In three months 19 stories were told, it was really inspiring to find how books affected each one of them and Noha’s photography skills added around a magical atmosphere!

You can check the project here.

3. Ballerinas Of Cairo:


Ballerinas of Cairo was founded by Ahmed Fathy Abdelsalam and Mohamed Taher. The project started by the beginning of 2017, and many beautiful shots were taken all over Cairo. By the Nile, in historical places and in the heart of downtown and Heliopolis and many more regions, ballerinas performed their amazing dance moves and each captured scene was a masterpiece. Ballerina projects are made all over the world but probably the Egyptian version has its unique taste!

You can check the project here.

4. A Roman Tale / O Art-Studio:


Again, Henar Sherif and Adel Essam came out with a pleasing project that touched all of us in general and the Alexandrians in particular. A Roman Tale is a photography project inspired by the ancient history of Alexandria. Each photo speaks a thousand words, and each detail stands for something. The features of the models and the amazing fashion styling done by Ahmed Abdullah made the scenes look so Roman!

You can check the project here.

5. Black And White Faces / Nourane Owais:


The multitalented Nourane Owais‘s Black And White Faces project is based on meeting people and capturing a portrait of them in grey scale. On her instagram account she had posted many portraits all under the hashtag #MyBlackAndWhiteFacesProject along with an introduction of each person. She captured people who inspired her, and each one of them had probably inspired us too thanks to her project!

“I started this project almost a year ago experimenting portrait photography on my family and friends.

When the #myblackandwhitefacesproject became more popular on Instagram, I decided that the shoots should have a meaning, I wanted people to remember me and remember my shoot.

I studied more on portrait photography, how to capture raw emotions and micro-expressions of my subject and built a unique process from my shoot.” Told us Nourane,

“The whole experience transformed from a fun staged shoot, to a therapeutic experience, where I discuss personal and relevant topics with my subjects, they don’t expect what’s coming next, or when will I capture their faces. They eventually enjoy it and love the results.

I choose my subjects based on people who inspire me or affected me one way or another, whether from work, social situations, or over social media.”

You can check the project here.

That was some really good art that 2017 gave us, we just can’t wait to see what 2018 will be bringing for us!