This Is Why You Need to Drop the Hate on Sherine Reda

Egyptian beloved actress Sherine Reda has been under fire for almost a week now. Reda’s statements on the TV show Ana w Ana on ONE caused outrage as she stated that some Muadhins (callers to prayers) sounded “like animals” in a metaphoric way to express that Muadhins should have beautiful and appealing voices.

The actress then called for a unified Adhan to ensure that only those who are qualified to call for prayers would do it.

What happened is that people chose to ignore the whole statement and listen to the parts that made the actress look guilty.


Reda has been accused of being an atheist who doesn’t understand or respect Islam on Social Media, people have gone so far to the extent that some of them said that she should be prisoned or killed for attacking Islam.

On the other hand, the Endowments Ministry defended the actress saying that what she said was out of “jealousy over Islam”.

The Head of Religious Affairs in the ministry, Gaber Tayae, told ’90 Dakeeka’ that microphones should be used in Mosques during Adhan not while leading prayers to avoid the noise, people shouldn’t be called to prayers in a voice that they resent, and that Islam should be represented in the best way possible.

Tayae also said that Adhan was unified back before the revolution and it was a time of peace, however, the receivers got stolen from Mosques.

At the end of the day, all that Sherine Reda did was call for some rules to best represent Islam. So please drop the hate.