5 Perks of being Single

There is nothing wrong with looking for love and wanting to settle down, but lets face it many of us are in such a hurry to find the ‘right one’ just because they are afraid of being alone, or because everyone else is in a relationship, or even out of boredom. People start worrying if they haven’t met the one yet and start doubting themselves.

But if you only stop worrying for a second and enjoy being single, you will realize that it actually has its perks.

1. You get to explore yourself and know who you really are

Being single in college and after graduating gives you time to know who you really are, and what you want to do with your life. Many of us decide to have a career shift or to take time off and travel after graduating and that wouldn’t be possible if you are in a relationship. It gives you an opportunity to pursue career goals and take risks that you might not have taken if you were married. You get to try different stuff, meet people, screw things up and start over without being pressured by your partner.

2. What we look for in a partner changes as we get older

If you think about your first crush or first boyfriend/girlfriend right now you would probably start laughing and questioning how the hell did you like that person or why did you waste so much time in this relationship and that’s absolutely fine because as we get older we see things differently and our needs change. The things you think you wanted in your partner a year or two ago are completely different from what you want right now, as we grow older we focus more of character rather than just looks or money, traits like good humor, kindness, respect, trust and compatibility become more important. So being single gives you the privilege of choosing wisely the person you are gonna spend the rest of your life with.

3. Freedom

And by freedom I don’t mean that being in a relationship takes away your freedom, obviously, you can do things even in a relationship. But being spontaneous isn’t always as easy, you get to decide where to go, when to travel, who to hang out with and what to wear without being worried about disappointing your partner. You don’t have to sacrifice going to a party because he/she doesn’t like partying. What I want to say is, you get to live your life fully and do all the stuff you want before its time to think about your partner’s needs and wants.

4. Life changing decisions can be easily made

If you wake up one morning and decide to quit your job or move to another country you can do it without having to worry about its impact on two people rather than one.

5. Independence

Being independent makes you stronger and lays a great foundation for your future relationship. You know how to take care of yourself, you don’t rely on someone for supporting you in every step you take along the way. Of course, it is great to have someone there when you are feeling down or when you are in doubt, someone to reassure you and make you feel good about yourself but it’s also great to be an independent person.

So don’t worry if you still haven’t met the right person, he/she will come along sooner or later, just enjoy your life the way it is and don’t waste it searching and worrying.