Which Series Are Worth Watching During Winter Break

Well.. A LOT! Almost every student out there is stuck between the list of assignments due this week and the list of series all their friends have been telling them is awesome and should be watched. It’s always a tough decision finding the right time to start a series and the option you’re forced to take is always ‘postpone for later’, now that you have the time to finally watch something, we don’t want you to end up wasting your time on bad series and that’s why this list is here to help.

The Good Doctor

The sensational Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Freddie Highmore has grown to be Shaun Murphy, the young surgeon who suffers from savant syndrome gifted with exceptional medical skills and intelligence. The series released their first season including 10 episodes and is currently pausing till 8th of January to return with episode “Islands” divided into two parts.

This Is Us

The ‘pass me the tissues please’ series, the series that makes you cry for no apparent reason! You just have to shed a few tears whenever Jack, the otherworldly husband and the supportive father, appear on your screen. One of the most emotional and heartwarming tv shows to ever follow. Pearson’s family will return on the 10th of January to charge our emotions full in ‘The Fifth Wheel’ episode.

How to Get Away with Murder

Better wait till the series finale because it’s exceedingly tiring to wait for each episode every week! Seriously, ‘What happeeneedd?’ is always your reaction after every episode. HTGAWM released their first episode in 2014 and now after outstanding three seasons of thrills and goosebumps, eight episodes of season four are out and will return with ‘He’s Dead’ episode on the 19th of January.

Stranger Things

Our dearest Netflix released the original drama in summer 2016 and the TV show driving its watchers crazy. The series is full of surprises and exciting journeys in Indiana town that would lift up your soul to the world of science fiction. Netflix released two seasons and a few chats of another season are ongoing.

Black Mirror

The only series you are fully able to watch with no commitment to the next episode but also too eager to finish! The TV show hosts stand-alone episodes, every episode with different characters and stories, however, all falls under the category of modern world and its technology. All three seasons cover 2-hour episodes, Netflix will soon release the fourth season at the end of December.

Do you really think that it’s impossible to finish one in the 2 weeks vacation? Better get started!