Reasons to Watch The Room (2003)

Today I recommend you one of the most memorable films in Hollywood, The Room (2003). It’s one of these films that are so bad that they’re actually great. I actually knew about The Room from a friend who knew about it from famous YouTuber PewDiePie; PewDiePie cosiders The Room as one of his favorites and he actually watched it several times. Here’s PewDiePie’s video about it:

Many people also favor The Room as the cheesiest, most random and most epic love triangle.


In San Francisco, we follow Johnny, a man who has a girlfriend, Lisa, and also his best friend, Mark. Lisa has been cheating on Johnny with Mark and Johnny doesn’t know! A pretty interesting story, right? The film then follows whether Johnny would find out or not and the consequences of his actions.

The best part about The Room is that it’s written, directed, produced by and stars the genius Tommy Wiseau. Tommy Wiseau and his friend, Greg Sestero, are two friends who went to Los Angeles to pursue careers as actor but they were failing to do so, Wiseau then decided to make his own film and have Sestero star with him in that film.

I know what you’re thinking right now; where did Wiseau get the money do produce the film? Well, Wiseau stated that he financed the film by importing and selling leather jackets from Korea, while Stestero said that Wiseau financed the film from working in real-estate and entrepreneurship. Still, nobody knows how Wiseau, a Polish living in USA, got the money to finance his film.


Now here are more juicy facts that will make you watch it:

1. Tommy Wiseau actually thought that the film was so great that it would be nominated for an Oscar as best film and Wiseau getting nominated for best actor.

2. According to Greg Sestero, Wiseau submitted the film to Paramount, hoping to get them as the distributor. They rejected the film within 24 hours; usually, it takes about two weeks to get a reply.

3. Entire scenes were out of focus because nobody bothered to check the lens out.

4. The Room has a Metascore of 9 and 3.6/10 rating by viewers on IMDb.

5. Sestero stated that Wiseau took 32 takes to say these lines:

He eventually needed a cue card, glued to the water bottle, to remember the lines.

6. The film has three long, uncoordinated and random sex scenes accompanied with cheesy romantic songs that are actually hilarious to watch.

7. The word “fiancé” was never mentioned in the film; they alternatively used “future wife” and “future husband”.

8. Many of the crew left the film while shooting and Wiseau replaced the actors without bothering to reshoot their scenes. This was noticeable as some of the cast changed in the film.

9. Wiseau said the phrase “Oh, hi” about 16 times randomly accompanied with a weird chuckle. I think that’s the film’s trademark; anyone who watched the film would recognize that.

10. This scene!


Greg Sestero wrote a book called ‘The Disaster Artist’ about his experience with Tommy Wiseau and The Room, it was published in 2013. Now get this, James Franco adapted the book into a film by the same name! James and his brother Dave Franco star as Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, the film also stars Seth Rogen. Here’s the trailer for The Disaster Artist:


The Disaster Artist was released internationally, received many positive reviews and got a Metascore of 76. The film will be released on January 4th in Egypt. You don’t have to watch The Room before watching The Disaster Artist. However, I recommend watching The Room as it’s really enjoyable and hilarious. Stay tuned for my review on The Disaster Artist.