The Oldest Animated Film Will Be Screened in Cairo next Week


“The Adventures of Prince Achmed” which is the oldest animated film, produced in Germany in 1926 and directed by Lotte Reiniger will hit the screens in Cairo next week on December 23rd at Cairo’s Cimateque/Alternative Film Centre.

The film’s plot takes us back to the fairytales, telling us the story of a handsome prince who rides his flying horse and goes on magical adventures, including being friends with a witch, meeting Aladdin, battling demons and lastly falling in love with a princess.

As directed by the master of silhouette animation, Lotte Reiniger, music by Wolfgang Zeller and cinematography work by Carl Koch, the fairytale movie totally relies on cardboard cutouts which resemble the shadow theatre.

Animation lovers should get themselves ready all ready to watch the film hit the big screen for the first time in Cairo!

Screening time: 4 PM.

Location: Cimatheque Alternative Film Center, 19A Adly Street, Downtown Cairo.