We Asked +20’s About Their Biggest Fears and Here’s What They Said

As you grow up, life starts moving faster to the extent that you can’t even trace it. Have you ever wondered the last time you felt at peace? No stress or depression? I bet if you’re in your 20’s you’d remember school days. The time when the most stressful thing was having to worry about your homework. Your career was still something you’re dreaming of, rather than something that you should actually do! Failed relationships and broken hearts were not as scary as they are today. Everything was less scary.

We asked seven young adults about their greatest fears, and here’s what they told us.

“I fear rape. I cannot go anywhere without at least letting one person know about the area I’m going to. Because if it happens, I’m afraid they will not know where to look, I also have a fear of dying unnoticed. I hope the world turns into a graveyard for me after I die” FE.

“I’m afraid of being a normal person, I don’t want to end up in an office job doing something I’m not passionate about, and I don’t want to be alone, there is this thin line between achieving what you really want in your career life, and ending up lonely, I want to stand on that line and get the best of both worlds”  AA.

“I’m afraid I can’t get back my energy for life, which I used most of it as I started working on my career in a very young age, I’m afraid of losing passion for my career, or for people I love, which will end up losing myself, I’m afraid of being controlled, I’m afraid to die in peace” IA.

I’ve never asked this question to myself, I will be a liar if I said I fear nothing, but nothing have stumbled upon me all these years to be feared by” WF.

“My biggest fear is not dying, really. it’s more that I’m afraid of time. as for me, I’m afraid of what I’ll miss” RA.

I’m afraid of dependence. I don’t want to ever become so dependent on someone for support whether moral, emotional or even financial that if I ever stop getting that from them I will eventually crumble and basically fail to make it on my own.
Also, I fear being consumed into a community, a relationship, a certain salient ideology..etc that I lose my individuality and instead, just co-opt to whatever that is acceptable by what I have been consumed into” NT.

“My biggest fear in life is to lose the people I love, I always feel afraid to get attached to people or get used to their presence and all of a sudden they leave with no entire reason. It’s not a matter of weakness or something but it’s all about a heart who can’t bear this kind of pain anymore” MM.

Yes, we all have fears, big ones, but have you ever asked yourself what are you without your biggest fear? maybe we’re afraid of the things that are actually pushing us to live! and if we lost them, life would be worthless.

Work on what you love, give up on anything or anyone that pulls you down, and never forget to work hard until your biggest fear becomes your ultimate happiness.