The Mall Girl, Soumaya Ebeid, Attempts Suicide

Soumaya Ebeid, known as the mall girl, broadcasted her attempted suicide in a Facebook live video on Friday morning. This is two months after Soumaya was stabbed in her face by a man seeking revenge against her after he was imprisoned for sexually harassing and assaulting her.

In a haunting video, Soumaya said that she can no longer bear to see herself on any screen, even on her mobile phone, so she is now saying goodbye.

“I’m dying now, my nerves are so loose, my body feels too heavy and I can’t breathe.”

“I love you, and I’m sorry because I love you,” she told her mother.

She explained that she attempted suicide by trying to overdose on antidepressants; Al-Masry Al-Youm managed to contact Ebeid, who said that a friend transferred her to the hospital where she was being treated after surviving the suicide attempt.

Somaya was harassed, attacked by her harasser twice and bullied by the public, all of which pushed her over the edge and made her life unbearable to the point of suicide. And this begs the question: how long will we keep letting predators win?