Egypt Reopens Ancient Library at St. Catherine Monastery

After three years of renovation, the government reopened the ancient library at St. Catherine which was established in the 6th century and is located in the area of Mount Horeb in South Sinai, which includes Mount Moses (Jebel Musa).

The ancient library holds around 3,300 manuscripts of mainly Christian texts in Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Georgian and Slavonic, among other languages, second to the ancient collection held by the Vatican Library. It also contains thousands of books and scrolls dating to the 4th century; at least 160 of the manuscripts include faint scratches and ink tints beneath more recent writing.

During the renovation, archaeologists found many hidden historical aspects, one of those were the medical recipes that the Greeks apparently had been using and left behind. Alongside all the manuscripts, the library has many valuable paintings that are now displayed and protected in the monastery’s museum.

The renovation of the library is a great lead to a road full of new discoveries and maybe a discovery of helpful medical research.