The Lists of the Most Googled Searches by Egyptians in 2017 Are Finally Out

It doesn’t matter what you believe in or where you’re from, 2017 was a tough year, and for better or worse, Google was there quietly observing it all in the background. On Wednesday, the search giant released its annual Year In Search data alongside a two-minute video summarizing the most popular searches conducted around the world over the last 11-plus months. It’s a bit like sitting through the trailer for a movie you’ve already seen and would never recommend to anyone, yet it’s an emotional rollercoaster that’s well worth a watch.

Categories are divided as follows: Topics, Events, Songs, Public Figures, Matches, TV shows. The Egyptian lists are out and they are somehow expected.

The elementary school exam results were the most googled topic by Egyptians this year, followed by The 2018 FIFA World Cup draw and the widely popular show Selsal ElDam (which also shares the top spot in the most searched TV shows).

The World Cup draw apparently garnered a huge attention and claimed the first spot in the most googled events by Egyptians. Claiming the number two spot is the massive, exhausting elections of Al Ahly Club. The funeral of the dearly departed singer-actress Shadia came in third.


And since, of course, the elections of Al Ahly Club was a big thing in 2017, the winner of the elections and football icon Mahmoud El Khatib took the number one spot in the Public Figures category. He is followed by presidential nominee Ahmed Shafik and Lebanese singer Elissa.

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For the Songs category, well, there is a bit of a surprise here. The insanely globally popular Desapcito lost the first spot to El Keif by Cairokee and Tarek El Sheikh.

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The most googled match by Egyptians is the final match of the Africa Cup of Nations that the Egyptians lots to Cameroon back in February. The second place went to Al Ahly vs ES Tunis (aka El Taraggey) in which the tensions were high but Al Ahly was able to break through to the semi-final of the CAF Champions League.

At a glance, the biggest trends are not only a reminder of everything that’s made this year seem like such a long slog but also of the moments of levity that helped us keep our heads up through it all.