Comfy Food that will help you Survive Finals Week

For all college students out there, times get tough as hell during finals week. And as we are approaching this time of the year where it feels like everything is coming down on you at once we figured that FOOD is the only thing that will help you get through this hectic week!

If you’re stressed out about the number of finals you have coming up or regretting every time you skipped a lecture to get an extra hour of sleep or even questioning every decision you’ve made throughout the entire semester. Comfy Food is here to make it all feel better!

Here are 7 ideal foods that will help you pull through.

  1. Pizza


When has pizza ever did you wrong? It’s quick, cheap and easy, three things that everybody loves. Treat yourself to a stuffed crust, some garlic bread and extra toppings.

2. Burger


Sometimes all you need is a juicy burger with some fries on the side, a cola and voilà!

3. Mac & Cheese


If you’ve never tried Mac and Cheese before, you’re missing out on a lot! This is about as comforting as it gets.

4. Ice Cream


Sometimes you just need to lay in bed, grab a spoon and eat some ice-cream right out of the carton and for a minute life just feels perfect.

5. Nutella


The perfect chocolate-hazelnut spread that can go on a toast, in a sandwich, with some strawberries, bananas, or straight out of the jar.

6. Hot Chocolate


And because ‘Winter Is Here’ this is the perfect way to warm yourself up.

7. French Fries


Whether with some cheese, ketchup, BBQ, sour cream or in a sandwich, French Fries is always a good answer.


Putting aside all the calories you’ll gain, this will lift your mood and you’ll be ready to face finals.