5 Fashion Trends That Need To Die Before 2017 Ends

Fashion is an industry that is always evolving, bringing exotic ideas. Through the evolution, fashion could bring back old trends and introduce them to the new generations making them trendy again. However, there are some trends that we pray that they don’t rise up again like the following.

1. Cami dresses over T-shirts


We still don’t get the coolness behind wearing a dress over a shirt?

2. Fur slippers


Going out? at places? with friends? With it? No, just..No! If you’re going to attach any type of fur to your feet, you might as well do it inside of your house.

3. Dresses over jeans

dress over.jpg jeand
You’re probably thinking this could never be trendy but just imagine everyone around you wearing it even celebrities, you won’t help yourself from either popping your eyes or just trying them on for fun.
4. Huge shoulder pads

shoulder pads
What were they thinking? Why were they introduced to fashion in the first place? Do they have a secret use that we don’t know about yet?
5. Shorts with Uggs

shorts n uggs
What’s the point of this? You’re trying to warm your feet but the same time wearing shorts? Same thing as a hoodie over shorts. Just hoping they could never come back and spread everywhere.
6. Super wide leg skater jeans

wide jeans
How were people comfortable skating with these huge pants? Didn’t they get in the somehow?
7. Bra strap headband

What even? How were people comfortable wearing those? Really praying that they wouldn’t be trendy again.

Fashion can be crazy at times, but still, there are people who can easily rock a pair of shoulder pads or a short dress on some jeans. Now excuse us while we sit in the corner and try to predict the new season’s fashion trends…