Why High School Students Can’t Wait To Graduate



Graduating is the ultimate dream for many, especially high-school students who spend 12 in education. Seniors are the luckiest; you’ll hear us say. When is it our turn? To us, leaving school seems as though it will solve all of our problems. It will give us an opportunity to make a choice -which brings me to the first reason.

1)  You decide what YOU want to study

You can finally pick the program you’d like to study at university. Interested in Engineering? Well, there you go! You can now spend the upcoming four years studying something you genuinely enjoy without the pressure of studying unrelated subjects like Art or History.

2) More freedom

Having to follow strict rules at school about uniform and discipline can get annoying because you feel like you are treated as a child. Wear this, not that. These shoes are too colourful, change them. But in uni, it’s more lenient, although of course there are still some guidelines you need to follow.

3) Change

Wanting to graduate can come down to the simple reason of wanting to meet new people and be somewhere new. University campuses are usually very beautiful and spacious allowing you to hang out with people with different mindsets.

4) The Graduation Ceremony

The ceremony itself is a wonderful experience, I am sure. Wearing the gown, giving a speech and being the centre of attention is definitely a delightful feeling. You did it, after all.

It is important to enjoy every part of your school journey because soon enough it will come to an end. Appreciate your teachers for their tremendous effort and work hard. Join clubs and offer assistance for younger students with their studies. Determine your favorite subjects and read more about them. Make good friends and be yourself! Remember that you’re not stuck there forever.