Diarna: all the income of the 59th edition goes to North Sinai

Since 1964, Diarna (which means “our home” in Arabic) exhibition takes place every year to bring together all the governorates of Egypt in one place, each one offers its most popular products, which varies but have one thing in common, the Egyptian taste.

Diarna is a project powered by the Ministry Of Social Solidarity, its aim is to get use of the talented Egyptian handicrafters to increase their income and to save and increase the awareness of our traditions and heritage.

The 59th edition of the fair is taking place at the Exhibition Land in Cairo and will continue to the 16th of Dec., it includes many Egyptian handmade products; glass products, yarn and fabrics, leather products, copper products, oils and food and many more handicrafts.

This edition’s motto is “We Are All Sinai” and it’s been chosen especially as it’s planned that all the income of the fair will be spent to develop North Sinai, also the widest suite is organised for Sinai products.