Ben Affleck Is Out As Batman After Flashpoint.

There were some rumors in the past few weeks about Batman’s recasting. Up until now, we had no valid confirmation. But not anymore. Confirmed by Variety, Ben Affleck will officially hang up his cape.

After the critical and financial failure of Justice League, a lot of uncertainties shadowed the world of DC. At first, we expected Affleck to star in the Batman solo movie, directed by Matt Reeves. But there were discussions between the director and Jake Gyllenhaal to look for a replacement. Now that the replacement is happening, regardless of the new Batman, Ben Affleck will make one final appearance in Flashpoint.

From the way things look, his exit would be unforgettable. For those unfamiliar with the Flashpoint storyline, Barry Allen wakes up in a drastically-different version of the main DC timeline. One of the biggest changes is that Bruce Wayne was the one killed in Crime Alley that night. It was Thomas Wayne who became Batman instead, while Martha Wayne fell into madness and became The Joker. At the end of the story, after Barry had managed to revert the timeline back to “normal,” he visited Bruce in the Batcave and delivered a letter that Thomas had written for him.

So, if the movie follows the storyline, perhaps this is how the franchise will introduce a new actor to play Batman. Assuming Flash puts the future right, it would explain why Bruce Wayne looks different. i.e. another actor like Jake, maybe – because of the effects of time travel. Maybe DC has another idea in mind, but all remains vague at the moment.