L.A. Expects Very Threatening Wildfire Conditions During the Next Two Days

Wildfire has been burning through Southern California and it is said to continue for a while.

“The prediction is, even though this is a time of calm winds, that we will continue to get gusts through Saturday that will be erratic and unpredictable, as high as 50 to 70 miles an hour,” Garcetti, Mayor of L.A., said. “These conditions … make this a very threatening environment.”

The fires have forced over 200,000 people to evacuate their houses. Schools were shut and a lot of properties have been destroyed.

Wildfire had also burned into the wealthy Southern California neighborhoods in In Bel-Air, homes of celebrities including Paris Hilton were evacuated as well as firefighters tried to put out the fire that destroyed at least six properties.

Nasa astronaut Randy Bresnik tweeted photos from the International Space Station and thanked people who reacted quickly to this crisis.

We’ll keep you updated once anything new comes up.