Are you focused on distraction or focused on running from it?

Goodbyes are a complicated thing. You see, you never know whether they happen by nature or if you’re the one responsible for their creation. Focus. Justify it for yourself: nature brings them into order, but don’t you at least push them?

These marks that stain your soul. Did you create them? Focus. They just happened, but didn’t you at least choose the shade of blue they illuminated?

The blue of your soul, is it peaceful? No, focus. Are you even living with it?

How much change would it take for you to become a different person? Focus. Do you really want to?

Who did you choose? What did you give them? That wasn’t the question. Focus. How much is left of you to keep for yourself?

What have you done? Who have you hurt? Focus. Will the guilt over what you’ve done ever be enough to stop you from doing it again?

Have you tried to create standards to do things that accident made possible? I know your accident. Focus. Do you know which one?

You’re not a bad person, but focus, are you a good one?

Does it scare you? Knowing that someone might know of what lies beneath your skin. What’s more disturbing, what lives with you or what lives within you?

Do you lay awake dreaming of different ways to die? Focus. Does any of them appeal to you?

Are you still trying to put a face to the darkness? Do you have something to ruin in your dreams?

I know you’re looking back. I know that your accident was too tragic for you to decipher. Are you the air seeking shelter in the skies? Is it taking over your soul? I know that home is not a feeling you can get back.

You will be happy again.  Focus, do you actually believe me?

If you found your way out—focus—would you escape?

Focus or just forget.